Commit 167649d3 authored by Tomaz  Canabrava's avatar Tomaz Canabrava

Don't query for the document twice

parent f1fca7c8
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......@@ -297,11 +297,10 @@ void Project::tryToRemoveCodeDocument(KTextEditor::Document *document)
QString Project::documentName(KTextEditor::Document *document) const
if (!d->m_documentNames.value(document).isEmpty()) {
return d->m_documentNames.value(document);
} else { // fall back to internal document name
return document->documentName();
const QString docName = d->m_documentNames.value(document);
return !docName.isEmpty()
? docName
: document->documentName();
void Project::setDocumentName(KTextEditor::Document *document, const QString &name)
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