Commit b11aade8 authored by Dilson Guimarães's avatar Dilson Guimarães Committed by Caio Tonetti
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Fixed documentation of the applyRadialLayout method.

parent e26bf44d
......@@ -110,8 +110,16 @@ public:
const bool randomizeInitialPositions, const quint32 seed);
* Aplies a radial layout to a tree.
* @param document The graph document to be laid out. This document should represented a tree.
* @param nodeRadius The radius of the circles that are used to represent nodes.
* @param margin The size of the top and left margins.
* @param nodeSeparation The minimum distance between two nodes.
static void applyRadialLayoutToTree(GraphDocumentPtr document, const qreal nodeRadius,
const qreal margin, const qreal minimumNodeSeparation);
const qreal margin, const qreal nodeSeparation);
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