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Rocs is Free Software and part of the KDE project,
It aims to provide a full featured Graph - Editor and a Programming Enviroment that's connected to the Graph
by doing it so, it can be used for teachers to show the joy and mistery of Graph Theory,
and studants can use it to implement the various algorithms for the beloved teacher.
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# Rocs: an educational Graph Theory IDE
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Rocs is a Graph Theory IDE for everybody interested in designing and analyzing
graph algorithms (e.g., lecturers, students, researchers). For all these users,
Rocs provides an easy to use visual data structure editor and a powerful
scripting engine to execute algorithms.
[Rocs at](
## Features
- Canvas for Graph Drawing
- IDE for Graph related Programming, using Javascript as it's main language,
plus the graph library
- Data Structures are extensible from the scripting interface, so you can do
anything you want.
## Installation
[Installation instructions](
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