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Added a short documentation about the classes in stepcore.

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This is a short overview over the classes in Stepcore. Most of the classes are
here, but not the ...Error classes that contain the variance for the various
values in the other classes.
* ClassName{filename} Short explanation
[=0] This class contains pure virtual member functions.
* subclass
[important members]
* Object Root of the StepCore class hierarchy
* CollisionSolver Generic interface for collision solvers
* GJKCollisionSolver
* ConstraintSolver Generic interface for constraint solvers
* CGConstraintSolver
* Solver Generic Solver interface
* GenericEulerSolver Solver of ordinary diff equations
* EulerSolver
* AdaptiveEulerSolver
* GslGenericSolver Solver of ordinary diff equations using GSL
* GslSolver
* GslAdaptiveSolver
* Item{world.h} Root class for world items (bodies, forces)
[world, group, objectErrors, color]
* NoteImage Image embedded in a Note
* NoteFormula LaTeX formula embedded in a Note
* ItemGroup
* Gas Group of GasParticle and a Force
* SoftBody Group of SoftBodyParticles and SoftBodySprings
* World The root object for everything visible
[time, timeScale, bodies, forces, joints, solvers...]
* Body{body.h} Anything that has dynamic variables that
require ODE integration
* Particle(Item, Body)
* ChargedParticle
* GasParticle
* RigidBody(Item, Body)
* Disk
* BasePolygon
* Box
* Polygon
* Plane(Item, Body) Unmovable rigid plane
* Force{world.h} Anything that acts upon bodies changing
derivatives of dynamic variables
* ColoumbForce(Item, Force) Force for charged particles.
* GasLJForce(Item, Force) Force within gasses
* GravitationForce(Item, Force) Force between particles
* WeightForce(Item, Force) Force between massive bodies (particles)
* LinearMotor(Item, Force) Applies a force on a position of a body
* CircularMotor(Item, Force) Applies a torque to a body
* Spring(Item, Force)
* SoftBodySpring
* Joint{world.h}
* Anchor(Item, Joint) Fixes the position of a body
* Pin(Item, Joint) Fixes the position of a a given point of a body
* Stick(Item, Joint) Fixed distance between two points on particles or rigid bodies
* Tool Utilities for control or information retrieval
* Note(ItemGroup, Tool) Textual Note
* Graph(Item, Tool)
* Meter(Item, Tool)
* Controller(Item, Tool)
* Tracer(Item, Tool)
Auxiliary classes
* Contact defines contact between two bodies
Used by CollisionSolver.
* ConstraintsInfo{world.h} defines ...
Used by ConstraintSolver
* Factory Creates new objects from name
* MetaProperty Meta information about a property
* MetaObject Meta information about a class
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