Commit ec8c5cb6 authored by Inge Wallin's avatar Inge Wallin

Correct the inheritance graph.

parent 1a82d6c9
......@@ -57,13 +57,13 @@ Legend
* Force{world.h} Anything that acts upon bodies changing
derivatives of dynamic variables
* CoulombForce(Item, Force) Force for charged particles.
* GasLJForce(Item, Force) Force within gasses
* GravitationForce(Item, Force) Force between particles
* WeightForce(Item, Force) Force between massive bodies (particles)
* LinearMotor(Item, Force) Applies a force on a position of a body
* CircularMotor(Item, Force) Applies a torque to a body
* Spring(Item, Force)
* CoulombForce Force for charged particles.
* GasLJForce Force within gasses
* GravitationForce Force between particles
* WeightForce Force between massive bodies (particles)
* LinearMotor Applies a force on a position of a body
* CircularMotor Applies a torque to a body
* Spring
* SoftBodySpring
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