Commit 03967f29 authored by Denis Kuplyakov's avatar Denis Kuplyakov

Fixed bug in loading sections info in KoTextLoader

parent 6999f414
......@@ -832,7 +832,7 @@ void KoTextLoader::loadSection(const KoXmlElement &sectionElem, QTextCursor &cur
QTextBlockFormat format = block.blockFormat();
QVariant listv;
listv =;
QList<QVariant> sectionEndings = v.value<QList<QVariant> >();
QList<QVariant> sectionEndings = listv.value<QList<QVariant> >();
listv.setValue<QList<QVariant> >(sectionEndings);
format.setProperty(KoParagraphStyle::SectionEndings, listv);
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