Commit 0e6908ce authored by Lukáš Tvrdý's avatar Lukáš Tvrdý

Fix the pressure curve in Configure Krita -> Tablet Settings

o fit the curve to the page size, no need to resize the dialog every time now
o move the setting of the maximum size to TabletSettingsTab for better maintainability
parent f2c09bd3
......@@ -316,12 +316,18 @@ void TabletSettingsTab::setDefault()
TabletSettingsTab::TabletSettingsTab(QWidget* parent, const char* name): QWidget(parent)
QGridLayout * l = new QGridLayout(this);
m_page = new WdgTabletSettings(this);
l->addWidget(m_page, 0, 0);
KisConfig cfg;
KisCubicCurve curve;
curve.fromString( cfg.pressureTabletCurve() );
m_page->pressureCurve->setMaximumSize(QSize(1000, 1000));
......@@ -604,7 +610,7 @@ KisDlgPreferences::KisDlgPreferences(QWidget* parent, const char* name)
m_tabletSettings = new TabletSettingsTab(vbox);
m_tabletSettings->m_page->pressureCurve->setMaximumSize(QSize(1000, 1000));
// full-screen mode
vbox = new KVBox();
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