remove deprecated and unused many-arguments constructor of KoUnitDoubleSpinBox

REVIEW: 106168

thanks boemann for review
parent fe17926c
......@@ -60,30 +60,6 @@ KoUnitDoubleSpinBox::~KoUnitDoubleSpinBox()
delete d;
// deprecated;
KoUnitDoubleSpinBox::KoUnitDoubleSpinBox( QWidget *parent,
double lower, double upper,
double step,
double value,
KoUnit unit,
unsigned int precision)
: QDoubleSpinBox( parent ),
d( new Private(lower, upper, step))
d->unit = KoUnit(KoUnit::Point);
//setAcceptLocalizedNumbers( true );
setUnit( unit );
changeValue( value );
setLineStepPt( step );
connect(this, SIGNAL(valueChanged( double )), SLOT(privateValueChanged()));
QValidator::State KoUnitDoubleSpinBox::validate(QString &input, int &pos) const
......@@ -52,20 +52,7 @@ public:
explicit KoUnitDoubleSpinBox( QWidget *parent = 0);
* Create a new spinBox with specified range.
* Use this constructor to set the range, steps and value in points in one go. We don't advice
* to use this constructor as it will give you unreadable code.
* @param parent the parent widget
* @param lower the lowest value this spinbox can contain, in points.
* @param upper the largest value this spinbox can contain, in points.
* @param step the amount the arrows will change the current value, in points.
* @param value is the initial value, in points.
* @param unit the displaying unit
* @param precision the amount of digits after the separator. 2 means 0.00 will be shown.
KDE_CONSTRUCTOR_DEPRECATED KoUnitDoubleSpinBox( QWidget *parent, double lower, double upper,
double step, double value = 0.0, KoUnit unit = KoUnit(KoUnit::Point), unsigned int precision = 2);
* Set the new value in points which will then be converted to the current unit for display
* @param newValue the new value
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