Commit 6a86b23f authored by Chusslove Illich's avatar Chusslove Illich

Force PO template output if no messages.

The template file will still contain the header entry,
thus being a valid PO file.
Probably not good to have zero-message templates in the first place,
but in case one appears this prevents breakage down the line.
parent 11ee3a20
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ function calligra_xgettext() {
POT_PART_QUNDOFORMAT2="`mktemp $podir/_qundoformat2_XXXXXXXX.pot`"
POT_MERGED="`mktemp $podir/_merged_XXXXXXXX.pot`"
$XGETTEXT_PROGRAM --from-code=UTF-8 -C --kde -kkundo2_i18n:1 -kkundo2_i18np:1,2 -kkundo2_i18nc:1c,2 -kkundo2_i18ncp:1c,2,3 ${CXG_EXTRA_ARGS} ${SRC_FILES} -o "${POT_PART_QUNDOFORMAT}"
if [ $(cat ${POT_PART_NORMAL} ${POT_PART_QUNDOFORMAT} | grep -c \(qtundo-format\)) != 0 ]; then
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