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  2. 11 Jul, 2012 1 commit
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      Move core parts of KexiDB lib to libcalligradb · 651e59c8
      Jarosław Staniek authored
      Move core parts of KexiDB lib from kexi/kexidb to calligra/libs/db (libcalligradb) for reuse by Word's Biblio module
      * GUI- or Kexi-related bits such as validators are still in Kexi
      * Only the SQLite3 driver is moved to libcalligradb, others stay within Kexi
      ** thus, calligra libs depend on the driver, i.e. depend on SQLite3 (this was the case already for Words and Kexi)
      ** calligra libs depend on ICU as well for proper unicode handling (which is dependency of Qt 5 anyway)
      * Predicate library, as a Qt-only component, will replace functionality of the calligradb lib
      * sqlitedump tool used for database for interactive database compacting stays in Kexi; if needed could be moved to libs/ too
      * a few functions from libkexiutils moved to libcalligradb, so libkexiutils is not dependency
      * for simplicity/API stability, namespace stays as KexiDB
      * README.PACKAGERS file updated
      DIGEST:Kexi's data handling library KexiDB become common component of Calligra.