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    ICalFormat: don't shift all-day invite dates to UTC · e73b2e48
    Daniel Vrátil authored
    When generating scheduling message for an event, the ICalFormat
    checks whether the event is recurrent and if not it shifts the
    start and end datetimes to UTC timezone (since recurring events
    need TZ information for proper calculations across DSTs and TZs).
    However if the event is an all-day event with start and end datetimes
    in local time (e.g. Europe/Prague), this shift effectively moves
    the start and end datetimes from midnight to -2 hours previous day.
    Later on when writing the DTSTART and DTEND properties, the code
    omits the time (since it's an all-day event) and only writes out
    DATEs, but now the scheduling message is actually shifted one day
    This change extends the check in ICalFormat to also avoid shifting
    dates to UTC when the event is an all-day event, since in this case
    the timezone information is dropped anyway.
    BUG: 421400
    FIXED-IN: 5.112.0
    (cherry picked from commit 921e04f6)