API dox: document Q_DECLARE_FLAGS-based flags

KApiDox & ECMAddQch have been just teached about Q_DECLARE_FLAGS, so the
underlying typedefs are no longer skipped by doxygen, but can be
documented now, allowing links to be generated for these types e.g. when
used as arguments.

The "#" prefix to the enum name in the description text of all the
Q_DECLARE_FLAGS docs seems needed to properly trigger doxygen autolinks.

parent 22369567
......@@ -105,9 +105,14 @@ public:
* You should only use Help, Default and Apply. The rest is obsolete.
* NoAdditionalButton can be used when we do not want have other button that Ok Cancel
* @see KCModule::buttons @see KCModule::setButtons
* @see KCModule::buttons
* @see KCModule::setButtons
* @see Buttons
enum Button { NoAdditionalButton = 0, Help = 1, Default = 2, Apply = 4, Export = 8 };
* Stores a combination of #Button values.
Q_DECLARE_FLAGS(Buttons, Button)
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