Commit 9c1bf403 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham 🔩

Make "Switch Application Language..." text more consistent

This makes it follow the pattern of other "Configure X" style
actions. See also the discussion in
kxmlgui!4 (comment 60691)
parent 5459261e
......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ static const KStandardActionInfo g_rgActionInfo[] = {
{ WhatsThis, KStandardShortcut::WhatsThis, "help_whats_this", I18N_NOOP("What's &This?"), nullptr, "help-contextual" },
{ TipofDay, KStandardShortcut::TipofDay, "help_show_tip", I18N_NOOP("Tip of the &Day"), nullptr, "help-hint" },
{ ReportBug, KStandardShortcut::ReportBug, "help_report_bug", I18N_NOOP("&Report Bug..."), nullptr, "tools-report-bug" },
{ SwitchApplicationLanguage, KStandardShortcut::SwitchApplicationLanguage, "switch_application_language", I18N_NOOP("Switch Application &Language..."), nullptr, "preferences-desktop-locale" },
{ SwitchApplicationLanguage, KStandardShortcut::SwitchApplicationLanguage, "switch_application_language", I18N_NOOP("Configure &Language..."), nullptr, "preferences-desktop-locale" },
{ AboutApp, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, "help_about_app", I18N_NOOP("&About %1"), nullptr, nullptr },
{ AboutKDE, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, "help_about_kde", I18N_NOOP("About &KDE"), nullptr, "kde" },
{ DeleteFile, KStandardShortcut::DeleteFile, "deletefile", I18N_NOOP("&Delete"), nullptr, "edit-delete" },
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