Commit 70d10fa3 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

USe const iterator. Add comment

parent a875c16c
......@@ -1038,14 +1038,15 @@ Addressee::List VCardTool::parseVCards(const QByteArray &vcard) const
// TEL
else if (identifier == QLatin1String("tel")) {
//TODO implement load vcard4
PhoneNumber phone;
PhoneNumber::Type type;
bool foundType = false;
const QStringList types = (*lineIt).parameters(QStringLiteral("type"));
QStringList::ConstIterator typeEnd(types.end());
for (QStringList::ConstIterator it = types.begin(); it != typeEnd; ++it) {
QStringList::ConstIterator typeEnd(types.constEnd());
for (QStringList::ConstIterator it = types.constBegin(); it != typeEnd; ++it) {
type |= mPhoneTypeMap[(*it).toUpper()];
foundType = true;
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