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holiday_mu_en - new Holidays for Mauritius

BUG: 383971
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:: Country: Mauritius
:: Language: UK English
:: Author: Nadim Attari <>
:: Updated:
:: Source: These were taken from
:: Note: Only the fixed holidays are available. Some celebrations depend on
:: special events, eg: The exact date of Eid-ul-Fitr is subject to
:: confirmation as its celebration depends on the visibility of the moon
:: Metadata
country "MU"
language "en_GB"
name "Mauritius"
description "National holiday file for Mauritius"
:: Public Holidays
"New Year" public on january 01
"New Year" public on january 02
"Chinese Spring Festival" public on january 28
"Abolition Of Slavery" public on february 01
"Thaipoosam Cavadee" public on february 09
"Maha Shivaratree" public on february 24
"Independence And Republic Day" public on march 12
"Ugaadi" public on march 29
"Labour Day" public on may 01
"Eid-ul-fitr" public on june 26
"Ganesh Chaturthi" public on august 26
"Divali" public on october 19
"All Saints Day" public on november 01
"Arrival Of Indentured Labourers" public on november 02
"Christmas" public on december 25
:: Religious
:: Financial
:: Cultural
:: School
:: Daylight Saving
:: Seasons
:: Name Days
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