Commit 7ce81bd9 authored by Martin Flöser's avatar Martin Flöser
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Do not crash if there is no QMimeData in decodeIsCutSelection

On Wayland the QMimeData is null and thus the Open File dialog
crashed when trying to enter a directory.

REVIEW: 115517
parent ab478863
......@@ -896,7 +896,7 @@ bool KFilePreviewGenerator::Private::isCutItem(const KFileItem &item) const
void KFilePreviewGenerator::Private::applyCutItemEffect(const KFileItemList &items)
const QMimeData *mimeData = QApplication::clipboard()->mimeData();
m_hasCutSelection = decodeIsCutSelection(mimeData);
m_hasCutSelection = mimeData && decodeIsCutSelection(mimeData);
if (!m_hasCutSelection) {
......@@ -1128,6 +1128,9 @@ void KFilePreviewGenerator::Private::orderItems(KFileItemList &items)
bool KFilePreviewGenerator::Private::decodeIsCutSelection(const QMimeData *mimeData)
if (!mimeData) {
return false;
const QByteArray data = mimeData->data("application/x-kde-cutselection");
if (data.isEmpty()) {
return false;
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