Commit a0016644 authored by Ahmad Samir's avatar Ahmad Samir
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KUrlNavigator: offer open in new window action too

To be consistent with other places where both open in tab and open in
window are offered, e.g. KFilePlacesView, Dolphin icon view context
menu ...etc.

BUG: 451809
FIXED-IN: 5.94
parent 1fb7059d
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......@@ -500,17 +500,31 @@ void KUrlNavigatorPrivate::openContextMenu(const QPoint &p)
// We are checking whether the signal is connected because it's odd to have a tab entry even
// if it's not supported, like in the case of the open dialog
if (q->isSignalConnected(QMetaMethod::fromSignal(&KUrlNavigator::tabRequested))) {
const bool isTabSignal = q->isSignalConnected(QMetaMethod::fromSignal(&KUrlNavigator::tabRequested));
const bool isWindowSignal = q->isSignalConnected(QMetaMethod::fromSignal(&KUrlNavigator::newWindowRequested));
if (isTabSignal || isWindowSignal) {
auto it = std::find_if(m_navButtons.cbegin(), m_navButtons.cend(), [&p](const KUrlNavigatorButton *button) {
return button->geometry().contains(p);
if (it != m_navButtons.cend()) {
const auto *button = *it;
const QUrl url = button->url();
QAction *openInTab = popup->addAction(QIcon::fromTheme(QStringLiteral("tab-new")), i18n("Open \"%1\" in a tab", button->text()));
q->connect(openInTab, &QAction::triggered, q, [this, url]() {
Q_EMIT q->tabRequested(url);
const QString text = button->text();
if (isTabSignal) {
QAction *openInTab = popup->addAction(QIcon::fromTheme(QStringLiteral("tab-new")), i18nc("@item:inmenu", "Open \"%1\" in New Tab", text));
q->connect(openInTab, &QAction::triggered, q, [this, url]() {
Q_EMIT q->tabRequested(url);
if (isWindowSignal) {
QAction *openInWindow =
popup->addAction(QIcon::fromTheme(QStringLiteral("window-new")), i18nc("@item:inmenu", "Open \"%1\" in New Window", text));
q->connect(openInWindow, &QAction::triggered, q, [this, url]() {
Q_EMIT q->newWindowRequested(url);
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