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KPropertiesDialog: use the KFileItem when checkig if the url is local

This way we can ge the most local url and urls under e.g. desktop:/ will be
detected as local.

This fixes an issue where opening the properties dialog with a file in
desktop:/ wouldn't show the group combobox (which allows users to change the

BUG: 444624
FIXED-IN: 5.88
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......@@ -1720,7 +1720,7 @@ KFilePermissionsPropsPlugin::KFilePermissionsPropsPlugin(KPropertiesDialog *_pro
: KPropertiesDialogPlugin(_props)
, d(new KFilePermissionsPropsPluginPrivate)
bool isLocal = properties->url().isLocalFile();
const auto &[localUrl, isLocal] = properties->item().isMostLocalUrl();
bool isTrash = (properties->url().scheme() == QLatin1String("trash"));
KUser myself(KUser::UseEffectiveUID);
const bool IamRoot = myself.isSuperUser();
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