Commit e3e42837 authored by Stefan Brüns's avatar Stefan Brüns
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cleanup overlay icon usage

The locked overlay should be added also for directories, as there is no
distinct "unreadable directory" icon.
No overlay icon for "gzip files with .gz file ending", there is a
mimetype icon for gzip files.

CCBUG: 339193
REVIEW: 120606
parent 877fdcd9
......@@ -982,8 +982,7 @@ QStringList KFileItem::overlays() const
if (((d->m_fileMode & QT_STAT_MASK) != QT_STAT_DIR) // Locked dirs have a special icon, use the overlay for files only
&& !isReadable()) {
if (!isReadable()) {
......@@ -1022,11 +1021,6 @@ QStringList KFileItem::overlays() const
#endif // Q_OS_WIN
if (d->m_url.path().endsWith(QLatin1String(".gz")) &&
d->m_mimeType.inherits("application/x-gzip")) {
return names;
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