Commit 35a7a1de authored by Martin Flöser's avatar Martin Flöser

[autotests] Improve TestWaylandOutputManagement::cleanupTestCase

Reorder the cleanup code. It doesn't make sense to delete the client
side objects after deleting the server side objects. This might be a
reason for the failing tests on
parent da9136be
......@@ -174,25 +174,27 @@ void TestWaylandOutputManagement::initTestCase()
void TestWaylandOutputManagement::cleanupTestCase()
delete m_outputConfiguration;
m_outputConfiguration = nullptr;
if (m_queue) {
delete m_queue;
m_queue = nullptr;
if (m_connection) {
m_connection = nullptr;
if (m_thread) {
delete m_thread;
m_thread = nullptr;
delete m_connection;
m_connection = nullptr;
if (m_outputManagementInterface) {
delete m_outputConfigurationInterface;
m_outputConfigurationInterface = nullptr;
delete m_outputConfiguration;
m_outputConfiguration = nullptr;
delete m_display;
m_display = nullptr;
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