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    • Ahmad Samir's avatar
      Add KMessageDialog, an async-centric variant of KMessageBox · e7d0a893
      Ahmad Samir authored
      KMessageDialog draws heavily from its older sibling KMessageBox, the main
      focus of the new class is to inherit directly from QDialog which means it
      can be easily used asynchronously. Most of the features and widgets that
      are available in KMessageBox dialogs are available in KMessageDialog.
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    • David Hurka's avatar
      Port KActionMenu to QToolButton::ToolButtonPopupMode · 95d79612
      David Hurka authored
      setPopupMode() is easier API than setDelayed() and setStickyMenu().
      Discussed in graphics/okular#19.
      This also changes the default popup mode from DelayedPopup to MenuButtonPopup,
      which is easier to discover.
      An autotest is added to verify that the old, deprecated API still works like before,
      and nothing bad happens when both APIs are used.
      The old API is still there as deprecated, and was tested with:
          QToolBar dummyToolbar;
          KActionMenu menu(QStringLiteral("Menu"), this);
          QCOMPARE(menu.popupMode(), QToolButton::DelayedPopup);
          QCOMPARE(menu.delayed(), true);
          QCOMPARE(menu.stickyMenu(), false);
          QCOMPARE(menu.popupMode(), QToolButton::MenuButtonPopup);
          QCOMPARE(menu.stickyMenu(), false);
          QCOMPARE(menu.delayed(), true);
          QCOMPARE(menu.delayed(), false);
          QCOMPARE(menu.stickyMenu(), true);
          QCOMPARE(menu.popupMode(), QToolButton::DelayedPopup);
          QCOMPARE(menu.stickyMenu(), true);
          QCOMPARE(menu.popupMode(), QToolButton::DelayedPopup);
          QCOMPARE(menu.popupMode(), QToolButton::MenuButtonPopup);
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    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      new setUsernameContextHelp on KPasswordDialog · ec9881cd
      Harald Sitter authored
      This adds a new optional UI element next to username field when set.
      It's effectively a very user visible whats-this button letting the user
      easily discover that there's more information available.
      We need this to tell our users how SMB logon information works. It's the
      same as Windows' but Linux users tend to not know the various option for
      Windows logon names. This new feature allows us to not clutter the UI
      too much but still give the user the ability to easily discover input
      options that may use.
      This is a qwidget-like implementation of a similarly functioning hint
      idiom found in the QML based fonts KCM.
      The help button is not shown unless a help is set. The help is actually
      set on the user lineedit itself as a whatsthis string and then shown as
      actual whatsthis window upon button click.
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    • Ahmad Samir's avatar
      KFontRequester: remove, the now redundant, nearestExistingFont helper · 43d7ffb7
      Ahmad Samir authored
      This method was previously copied/duplicated to the fonts KCM; and has been
      removed there for some time to no ill effect that I can see. For the
      rationale behind removing it see:
      This solves an issue with konversation:
      - Open settings -> configure konversation -> interface -> fonts, enable
        "show sender nicknames bold in the chat view", OK/Apply
      - The <sender> nickname should now become bold in the chat view
      - Open the same dialog again, go to the same settings page and enable "chat
        text", OK/Apply; note that the sender nickname has become not-bold, if
        you restart konversation, the nickname is bold again as expected.
      This happens because nearestExistingFont gets a QFont that has the
      StyleName property set, even for Regular-like StyleName, which means that
      QFont::setBold() doesn't work properly.
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    • Allen Winter's avatar
      kviewstateserializer.cpp - crash guards in restoreScrollBarState() · 1b2fac39
      Allen Winter authored
      During my testing of other crashes in KOrganizer I managed
      to save a scrollbar state that led to a null verticalScrollBar()
      on reload. I figure that if either horizontal or vertical
      scrollbars are null there is no reason to believe anything
      about the scrollbar state.
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    • Ahmad Samir's avatar
      Fix build on the CI by including the <memory> header · 65be51ba
      Ahmad Samir authored
    • Nicolas Fella's avatar
      Add KRecentFilesMenu to replace KRecentFileAction · c264e3fb
      Nicolas Fella authored
      The way KRecentFilesAction is used has a number of problems. It lives in a relatively high tier and is used e.g. by KStandardAction, forcing it to the same high tier. Furthermore the de-facto usage has the problem of mixing configuration and state information (which is not a problem of the API itself). The API is quite flexible, but most of that flexibility isn't acutally used by applications.
      KRecentFilesMenu is different in the following ways:
      - It lives in KWidgetAddons and thus in Tier 1. With Qt6 and QGuiAction/QGuiMenu it could even go to KGuiAddons
      - In order to do this it uses QSettings instead of KConfig which should be fine since we don't need stuff like cascading and immutability
      - Instead of using KSelectAction it uses/is a QMenu
      - It forces to store the data in XDG_DATA_DIR instead of XDG_CONFIG_DIR like it's done in practice. Going through the users of KRecentFilesAction I did not find any use case for allowing other file paths. Apps can still save multiple sets of recent docs by leveraging groups.
      See T12246 for context.
      Test Plan: Tested with a patch for Ark (D26449)
      Reviewers: #frameworks, dfaure
      Reviewed By: dfaure
      Subscribers: broulik, elvisangelaccio, cfeck, kde-frameworks-devel
      Tags: #frameworks
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D26448
    • Andreas Cord-Landwehr's avatar
      Remove obsolete COPYING files · 4d3eaa21
      Andreas Cord-Landwehr authored
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