Commit 7b39642f authored by Noah Davis's avatar Noah Davis 🌵
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[PC3 ToolBar] Don't disable borders

parent fc0a5bbb
......@@ -27,7 +27,6 @@ T.ToolBar {
implicitHeight: 40 // TODO: Find a good way to sync this with the size of (Button or ToolButton) + padding
imagePath: "widgets/toolbar"
colorGroup: PlasmaCore.ColorScope.colorGroup
enabledBorders: control.position == T.ToolBar.Header ? PlasmaCore.FrameSvgItem.BottomBorder : PlasmaCore.FrameSvgItem.TopBorder
PlasmaCore.SvgItem {
svg: PlasmaCore.Svg {
imagePath: "widgets/listitem"
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