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Containment: Rename panel edit action to "Enter Edit Mode"

This action doesn't just let you edit the panel; it also enters the
global edit mode. So let's update the text to reflect that.
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......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ void Containment::init()
QAction *configAction = actions()->action(QStringLiteral("configure"));
if (configAction) {
if (d->type == Types::PanelContainment || d->type == Types::CustomPanelContainment) {
configAction->setText(i18nc("%1 is the name of the containment", "Edit %1...", title()));
configAction->setText(i18n("Enter Edit Mode"));
} else {
configAction->setText(i18nc("%1 is the name of the applet", "Configure %1...", title()));
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