Commit 364ab2a6 authored by Ismael Asensio's avatar Ismael Asensio

Simplify conditional clauses in Connections

Make the conditional code a little more readable, as in 05f07f7e
parent 05f07f7e
......@@ -50,11 +50,8 @@ T.Menu {
Connections {
target: control.contentItem.contentItem
@DISABLE_UNDER_QT_5_14@ function
@DISABLE_AT_QT_5_14@ :
@DISABLE_AT_QT_5_14@ onChildrenChanged: {
@DISABLE_UNDER_QT_5_14@ function onChildrenChanged() {
for (var i in control.contentItem.contentItem.children) {
var child = control.contentItem.contentItem.children[i];
if (child.checkable) {
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