Commit e313149b authored by Harald Fernengel's avatar Harald Fernengel

fix build on Mac OS X

parent 5e87df28
......@@ -52,7 +52,15 @@ public:
Solid::Battery::ChargeState chargeState() const;
// ### the ones below are TODO
Solid::Battery::Technology technology() const { return Solid::Battery::UnknownTechnology; }
double energy() const { return 0.0; }
double energyRate() const { return 0.0; }
double voltage() const { return 0.0; }
void energyChanged(double energy, const QString &udi);
void energyRateChanged(double energyRate, const QString &udi);
void chargePercentChanged(int value, const QString &udi);
void capacityChanged(int value, const QString &udi);
void chargeStateChanged(int newState, const QString &udi);
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