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      Use non-deprecated KDE_INSTALL_CMAKEPACKAGEDIR · f021f0a3
      Friedrich W. H. Kossebau authored
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      Update theme revisions · 0f0be4dd
      Waqar Ahmed authored
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      Update kconfig highlighter to Linux 5.9 · 0c76b1ca
      Martin Walch authored
      Syntax changes have been made to the language of the Linux kernel
      configuration system. A lot of new things have been added and a few
      have been removed.
      Update kconfig.xml accordingly. Still recognize the parts that have
      been removed, but mark them as deprecated with strikeOut="true".
      While at it, fix a few bugs and unify the code style.
       - Mark "boolean" type as deprecated and permit "boolean" as identifier
         (but warn about it).
       - Mark "env" option as deprecated.
       - Mark old use of environment variables (e.g. $ARCH) as deprecated.
       - Mark "---help---" property as deprecated.
       - Mark dot and slash in unquoted strings as deprecated.
       - Mark unquoted prompts as deprecated.
       - Enhance support for Makefile style variable expansions with $(...).
       - Add support for Makefile style variables and assignments (+=, :=, =).
       - Add basic support for Makefile style function calls and function
         definitions. Recognize builtin functions.
       - Imitate the highlighting from the Makefile highlighting definition
         for Makefile style features.
       - Add spellChecking="false" to itemData "unquotedMainmenuPrompt".
       - Set spellChecking="true" to itemData "quotedMainmenuPrompt".
       - Add Config.* to extensions. Some projects (e.g. BusyBox and OpenWrt)
         have kept using this ancient naming scheme from CML1.
       - Lower priority from 0 to -9, because Config.* may conflict with
         a lot of other extensions, while the other way round is exotic,
         i.e. the names of the correct files usually do not clash with
         other extensions.
       - Revert help text detection to the old, very verbatim mechanism
         (sorry, the last, shorter version with dynamic="true" fails
         recognition in quite a few real-world cases in the mainline kernel).
       - Fix a few edge cases in that help text detection and remove a few no
         longer needed contexts.
       - Add recognition of links in angle brackets for help texts.
       - Enhance support for escaped characters.
       - #pop context of config_option_list instead of error on fallthrough.
       - Update file comments, i.e. update URL to kconfig-frontends, update
         some version numbers, remove hints that are no longer true and update
         the language syntax changelog.
       - Unify style, e.g. naming scheme and sorting of XML attributes.
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      Dont use rgba when in themeForPalette · deaa97af
      Waqar Ahmed authored
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      Fixes for atom-one-dark · 8e1072ba
      Waqar Ahmed authored
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      Some more updates for Atom One Dark · 3802b88a
      Waqar Ahmed authored
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