Commit 7514a4fc authored by Wolfgang Rohdewald's avatar Wolfgang Rohdewald
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make isAlive() work with pyside2

parent bda0f4f7
......@@ -17,15 +17,7 @@ import logging.handlers
import socket
from signal import signal, SIGABRT, SIGINT, SIGTERM
from qt import QStandardPaths
from PyQt5.sip import unwrapinstance
except ImportError:
from sip import unwrapinstance
except ImportError:
def unwrapinstance(unused):
"""if there is no sip, we have no Qt objects anyway"""
from qt import QStandardPaths, QObject, QGraphicsItem
# pylint: disable=invalid-name
......@@ -43,17 +35,25 @@ LIGHTSOURCES = ['NE', 'NW', 'SW', 'SE']
def isAlive(qobj):
"""is the underlying C++ object still valid?
This function is taken from the book
Up to supporting Pyside2, this function
was taken from the book
"Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt"
by Mark Summerfield."""
by Mark Summerfield but that does not work with Pyside2."""
if qobj is None:
return False
except RuntimeError:
return False
if isinstance(qobj, QObject):
except RuntimeError:
return False
elif isinstance(qobj, QGraphicsItem):
except RuntimeError:
return False
return True
print('isAlive(): qobj type is', type(qobj))
return True
def serverAppdataDir():
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