Commit b86340cd authored by Wolfgang Rohdewald's avatar Wolfgang Rohdewald
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remove unused xToUtf8

parent 7f38ce35
......@@ -217,25 +217,6 @@ def gitHead():
return 'current' if uncommitted else next(popenReadlines('git log -1 --format=%h'))
def xToUtf8(msg, args=None):
"""makes sure msg and all args are utf-8"""
return (msg, args) if args is not None else msg
# TODO: dead code
if isinstance(msg, str):
msg = msg.encode('utf-8')
elif not isinstance(msg, bytes):
msg = str(msg).encode('utf-8')
if args is not None:
args = list(args[:])
for idx, arg in enumerate(args):
if isinstance(arg, str):
args[idx] = arg.encode('utf-8')
elif not isinstance(arg, bytes):
args[idx] = str(arg).encode('utf-8')
return msg, args
return msg
class CsvWriter:
"""hide differences between Python 2 and 3"""
def __init__(self, filename, mode='w'):
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