Commit bda0f4f7 authored by Wolfgang Rohdewald's avatar Wolfgang Rohdewald
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Pyside2 does not have len(QListWidget), use count() instead

parent 0f76f7a9
......@@ -1219,13 +1219,13 @@ class KConfigDialog(KDialog):
self.iconList.setIconSize(QSize(80, 80))
icons = [self.iconList.item(x) for x in range(len(self.iconList))]
icons = [self.iconList.item(x) for x in range(self.iconList.count())]
neededIconWidth = max(self.iconList.visualItemRect(x).width()
for x in icons)
margins = self.iconList.contentsMargins()
neededIconWidth += margins.left() + margins.right()
self.iconList.setMinimumHeight(120 * len(self.iconList))
self.iconList.setMinimumHeight(120 * self.iconList.count())
for child in self.allChildren(self):
child.objectName().replace('kcfg_', '')] = child
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