Commit c4effeda authored by Wolfgang Rohdewald's avatar Wolfgang Rohdewald
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ToolBarItem: do not override QListWidgetItem.icon/text

found by pylint only after porting to qtpy
parent 5e01f656
......@@ -1308,13 +1308,12 @@ class ToolBarItem(QListWidgetItem):
def __init__(self, action, parent):
self.action = action
self.parent = parent
QListWidgetItem.__init__(self, self.icon, self.text, parent)
QListWidgetItem.__init__(self, self.__icon(), self.__text(), parent)
# drop between items, not onto items
(self.flags() | Qt.ItemIsDragEnabled) & ~Qt.ItemIsDropEnabled)
def icon(self):
def __icon(self):
"""the action icon, default is an empty icon"""
result = self.action.icon()
if result.isNull():
......@@ -1327,8 +1326,7 @@ class ToolBarItem(QListWidgetItem):
result = self.emptyIcon
return result
def text(self):
def __text(self):
"""the action text"""
return self.action.text().replace('&', '')
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