Commit ed854057 authored by Wolfgang Rohdewald's avatar Wolfgang Rohdewald
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Hand.__sub__: prepare for multiple announcements

parent 69942725
......@@ -461,8 +461,15 @@ class Hand(object):
newParts = []
for idx, part in enumerate(self.mjStr.split()):
oldPart = part
if part[0] == 'm':
part = part[:2] + part[2:].replace('k','')
# TODO: remove debug output again
if part != oldPart:
self.debug('Hand.__sub__ changes m part from {} to {}'.format(oldPart,part))
if len(part)<3:
# no announcement left
elif part[0] == 'L':
if (self.lastTile.isExposed
and self.lastTile.concealed in tilesInHand):
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