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Commit 5803e519 authored by Wolfgang Rohdewald's avatar Wolfgang Rohdewald

new: Debug.i18n

parent 40c1cfc2
......@@ -104,6 +104,7 @@ class Debug:
graphics = False
scoring = False
wallSize = '0'
i18n = False
def __init__(self):
raise Exception('Debug is not meant to be instantiated')
......@@ -188,12 +188,19 @@ class MLocale:
for language in languages:
for context in ('kajongg', 'libkmahjongg5', 'kxmlgui5', 'kconfigwidgets5', 'libc'):
directories = cls.localeDirectories()
if Debug.i18n:
Internal.logger.debug('Searching translations in {}'.format(' '.join(directories)))
for resourceDir in directories:
context, resourceDir, languages=[language]))
if Debug.i18n:
Internal.logger.debug('Found {} translation for {} in {}'.format(
language, context, resourceDir))
except IOError:
except IOError as e:
if Debug.i18n:
......@@ -201,6 +208,9 @@ class MLocale:
def localeDirectories():
"""hard coded paths to i18n directories, all are searched"""
result = list(x for x in ('share/locale', '/usr/local/share/locale', '/usr/share/locale') if os.path.exists(x))
if not result and Debug.i18n:
Internal.logger.debug('no locale path found. We have:{}'.format(os.listdir('.')))
if LOCALEPATH and os.path.exists(LOCALEPATH):
result.insert(0, LOCALEPATH)
return result
......@@ -229,8 +239,12 @@ class MLocale:
if Debug.i18n:
Internal.logger.debug('localenames: {}'.format(','.join(localenames)))
languages = list(_parse_localename(x)[0]
for x in localenames if len(x))
if Debug.i18n:
Internal.logger.debug('languages: {}'.format(','.join(languages)))
for resourceDir in cls.localeDirectories():
for sysLanguage in sorted(os.listdir(resourceDir)):
if cls.__isLanguageInstalledForKajongg(sysLanguage):
......@@ -241,6 +255,8 @@ class MLocale:
x for x in languages if cls.isLanguageInstalled(x))
if 'en_US' not in languages:
languages.extend(['en_US', 'en'])
if Debug.i18n:
Internal.logger.debug('languages available: {}'.format(':'.join(languages)))
return ':'.join(languages)
......@@ -264,8 +280,13 @@ class MLocale:
def __isLanguageInstalledForKajongg(cls, lang):
"""see kdelibs, KCatalog::catalogLocaleDir"""
for directory in cls.localeDirectories():
if os.path.exists(os.path.join(directory, lang, 'LC_MESSAGES', '')):
_ = os.path.join(directory, lang, 'LC_MESSAGES', '')
if os.path.exists(_):
if Debug.i18n:
Internal.logger.debug('language {} installed in {}'.format(lang, _))
return True
if Debug.i18n:
Internal.logger.debug('I am in {}. language {} not installed in {}'.format(os.getcwd(), lang, ','.join(cls.localeDirectories())))
return False
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