Commit d39d6d97 authored by Script Kiddy's avatar Script Kiddy
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SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)

svn path=/branches/KDE/4.1/kdegames/kblocks/; revision=882664
parent 48d839b5
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ GenericName[nn]=Spel med fallande brikker
GenericName[pl]=Gra w spadające bloki
GenericName[pt]=Jogo de blocos em queda
GenericName[pt_BR]=Jogo estilo tetris
GenericName[ru]=Падающие блоки
GenericName[ru]=Тетрис, исконно русская забава
GenericName[sl]=Igra padajočih kock
GenericName[sv]=Spel med fallande block
GenericName[tr]=Sütun düşürme oyunu
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