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Documentation updates

* Update date and version numbers
* Suitable tagging and a fix
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......@@ -32,8 +32,8 @@
<releaseinfo>1.2.0 (Applications 16.04)</releaseinfo>
<releaseinfo>KDE Gear 21.04</releaseinfo>
......@@ -44,8 +44,8 @@
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ Enabling the option will make the game steal the mouse cursor, pause the game to
<listitem><para>This gifts hidden in a given level are fixed, their position however is random.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>30 points are awarded for every gift caught.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>The player loses a life when the ball touches the bottom of the field and there are no other balls left in the game, or when he catches a lose life gift. When losing a life 1000 points are detracted from his score.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Additional lives can be gained by catching the add life gift.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Additional lives can be gained by catching the add life gifts.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>The game ends when the player loses the ball while not having any additional lives left, or when all levels have been won.</para></listitem>
......@@ -658,7 +658,7 @@ Quits the program.
<keycombo action="simul">&Ctrl;&Shift;<keycap>F</keycap></keycombo>
<guimenuitem>Full Screen Mode</guimenuitem>
......@@ -689,7 +689,7 @@ of the &kde; Fundamentals.
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