Commit 0fac3833 authored by Ahmad Samir's avatar Ahmad Samir
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Port away from KShortcutsDialog deprecated method

parent b5994ade
......@@ -850,13 +850,14 @@ void KGoldrunner::readProperties (const KConfigGroup & /* config - unused */)
void KGoldrunner::optionsConfigureKeys()
// First run the standard KDE dialog for shortcut key settings.
KShortcutsDialog::configure (actionCollection(),
KShortcutsEditor::LetterShortcutsAllowed, // Single letters OK.
this, // Parent widget.
true); // saveSettings value.
gameFreeze (frozen); // Update the pause/resume text.
auto *dlg = new KShortcutsDialog(KShortcutsEditor::AllActions, KShortcutsEditor::LetterShortcutsAllowed, this);
connect(dlg, &KShortcutsDialog::saved, this, [this]() {
dlg->configure(true /* save settings */);
bool KGoldrunner::getDirectories()
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