Commit 590207be authored by Ian Wadham's avatar Ian Wadham

Add description of empty SVG element.

svn path=/branches/work/kgoldrunner-qgv/; revision=1299197
parent 3a9fc27b
......@@ -64,6 +64,7 @@ role in the KGoldrunner game. Each element should be set in a perfectly square
space. It will typically be displayed in about 24x24 to 36x36 pixels (7-10mm),
so detail can be sketchy, as for an icon. The elements are:
empty An empty square: used in the game-editor.
gold Any kind of prize or reward, not necessarily a gold piece.
hero_n A set of frames for the running hero (e.g. n = 1 to 36).
enemy_n An equivalent set of frames for the enemies.
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