Commit 881c1a00 authored by Ian Wadham's avatar Ian Wadham

Add some API documentation.

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......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
#include <QPixmap>
#include <QList>
#include <QTime> // IDW
#include <QTime> // For IDW testing and performance monitoring.
#include <QTimeLine>
......@@ -88,15 +88,38 @@ public slots:
void getMousePos (int & i, int & j);
void setMousePos (const int, const int);
void animate (bool missed);
* Requests the view to display a particular type of tile at a particular
* cell, or make it empty and show the background (tileType = FREE). Used
* when loading level-layouts and also to make gold disappear/appear, hidden
* ladders appear or cells to be painted by the game editor. If there was
* something in the cell already, tileType = FREE acts as an erase function.
* @param i The column-number of the cell to paint.
* @param i The row-number of the cell to paint.
* @param tileType The type of tile to paint (gold, brick, ladder, etc).
void paintCell (const int i, const int j, const char type);
int makeSprite (const char type, int i, int j);
* Requests the view to display an animation of a runner or dug brick at a
* particular cell, cancelling and superseding any current animation.
* @param spriteId The ID of the sprite (dug brick).
* @param repeating If true, repeat the animation (false for dug brick).
* @param i The column-number of the cell.
* @param j The row-number of the cell.
* @param time The time in which to traverse one cell.
* @param dirn The direction of motion (always STAND for dug brick).
* @param type The type of animation (run, climb, open/close brick).
void startAnimation (const int id, const bool repeating,
const int i, const int j, const int time,
const Direction dirn, const AnimationType type);
// Implement this method only if it is really needed.
// void resynchAnimation (const int id, const int i, const int j,
// const bool stop);
void gotGold (const int spriteId, const int i, const int j,
const bool spriteHasGold, const bool lost = false);
void showHiddenLadders (const QList<int> & ladders, const int width);
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