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Title: KGoldrunner
Version: 2.0
Entered-date: 12AUG2003
Description: KGoldrunner is an action game where the hero runs through a
maze and dodges enemies. You must guide him with the mouse
and collect all the gold nuggets, then you can climb up into
the next level. Your only weapon is to dig holes in the
floor and trap the enemies.
KGoldrunner combines action, strategy and puzzle solving
--- all in one game. It is based on Lode Runner (TM), an
all-time classic computer game. It has a Tutorial and
over 100 levels: some easy, some very hard.
Keywords: arcade game Lode Runner KGoldrunner Loderunner Goldrunner
Author: (Ian Wadham) (Marco Krüger)
Maintained-by: (Ian Wadham)
Platforms: Linux with KDE 3 Desktop
Copying-policy: GPL
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