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doc: remove download/build instructions

They do not belong to an user-facing documentation, but rather to
separate download/build development pages.

For the same reason, remove the porting notes as well, which are
definitely oriented to developers only.
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......@@ -1853,36 +1853,6 @@ runners, multiple backgrounds and several other ideas.</para>
<appendix id="installation">
<sect1 id="how-to-obtain-kgoldrunner">
<title>How to Obtain &kgoldrunner;</title>
<sect1 id="compilation-and-installation">
<title>Compilation and Installation</title>
<appendix id="porting-kgoldrunner">
<title>Porting &kgoldrunner; to Other Platforms</title>
<para>&kgoldrunner; is written in C++, using &Linux; and the free-software
version of the portable &Qt; object and &GUI; library. The current version
can be compiled and run with &kde; 4 and &Qt; 4.</para>
<para>&kgoldrunner; depends on the &kde; libraries (kdelibs and kdegames),
which have been ported to other platforms, and it is possible to obtain
Open Source editions of &Qt; 4 for other platforms, so in principle it
should be possible to compile, build and run &kgoldrunner; on platforms
other than &Linux;.</para>
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