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      Update my email address. · 6a3b7b12
      Parker Coates authored
      It turns out several headers were using an incorrect, non-existent
      address, so it's a good thing I decided to do this.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegames/killbots/; revision=1283239
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      Internal changes to Ruleset handling: · 63af7820
      Parker Coates authored
      - All Ruleset objects are now const.
      - Ruleset loading occurs in the Controller, not in the engine. This will be handy if I ever get around to adding a tutorial mode.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegames/killbots/; revision=961849
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      Replaced Ruleset::untranslatedName() with a more accurately named · 02c87bbb
      Parker Coates authored
      Ruleset::scoreGroupKey(). The function now removes all whitespace for 
      nicer nice group names in the config file.
      Also fixes an issue with ruleset names containing non-ASCII characters. 
      It turns out that KScoreDialog needs ASCII encoded QByteArrays, not 
      This will cause Killbots to forget highscores for rulesets with 
      whitespace or non-ASCII characters in their names. Sorry.
      svn path=/trunk/kdereview/killbots/; revision=874504
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      Lot's of semi-related changes all over the place, including: · b2dd5f32
      Parker Coates authored
       - Reworked RulesetSelector to be more reasonable.
       - Fixed a sorting bug in RulesetSelector.
       - Added Author, AuthorContact and Description entries to the ruleset .desktop 
       - Updated KScoreDialog usage to do the right thing with respect to
       - Switched to reusing a single KScoreDialog instance, as setting the
         translations up is a fair bit of work.
       - Added a Ruleset getter to Engine rather than passing around a pointer.
       - Stopped adding scores of 0 to the highscore table.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/games/killbots/; revision=810583
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      Lots of changes all over the place, including: · 50965957
      Parker Coates authored
      - Internal terminology is now more consistent.
      - Ruleset keys are more consistent.
      - Ruleset selector has been much improved.
      - Work around to get keyboard navigation working.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/games/killbots/; revision=786351
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      Initial import. · 1d6edf42
      Parker Coates authored
      Killbots is a KDE port of the classic BSD console game "robots". The 
      game premise is simple. For some reason you are trapped in a room with a 
      bunch of killer robots that are trying to destroy you. You must survive 
      by avoiding the robots and causing them to collide with one another 
      and/or the junkheaps remaining from previous collisions. The game play 
      is turn based.
      At any point you can teleport to a random cell on the board which may 
      save you or may place you right next to a robot. In some rulesets you 
      can collect energy, which can be used to teleport safely, without risk 
      of landing in a dangerous cell. Some rulesets also include a faster 
      breed of robot that can move twice as fast as the regular variety. Extra 
      points and/or energy can be gained by "waiting out the round", meaning 
      that you will be unable to move for the remainder of the round until 
      either you or all the robots have been destroyed. Some rulesets allow 
      the player to push junkheaps, either to form protective barricades or to 
      crush robots. Crushing robots with junkheaps generally yields extra 
      points or energy.
      At this stage, Killbots supports SVG themes, animations, loading 
      different rulesets, and
      svn path=/trunk/playground/games/killbots/; revision=783933