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SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours

In case of conflict in i18n, keep the version of the branch "ours"
To resolve a particular conflict, "git checkout --ours path/to/file.desktop"
parent 095b0168
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ Description[it]=Un semplice set di cubi per KDE4
Description[ja]=KDE4 用のシンプルなキューブセット
Description[kk]=KDE4-тің қарапайым текшелер жиыны
Description[km]=សំណុំ​គូប​ធម្មតា​សម្រាប់ KDE4
Description[ko]=KDE 4를 위한 간단한 육면체 세트
Description[ko]=KDE 4 간단한 육면체 세트
Description[lv]=Vienkārša kubu kopa priekš KDE4
Description[mr]=केडीई४ करिता घनांचा सोपा संच
Description[nb]=Enkelt sett med kuber for KDE 4
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