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    I had lot of joy with klines development today :). · 718479c1
    Dmitry Suzdalev authored
    That's because I have just implemented an "A*" pathfinding algorithm.
    I found excellent beginners tutorial at www.gamedev.net.
    I wonder if it is needed in other kdegames?
    If yes, I think, it is easy to make it more general for other's use.
    I failed to understand how the pathfinding is
    implemented in the old klines code, there were
    no comments, just a pure code with some misterious vars.
    So I went to gamedev and found how to do that myself :).
    Path is found but not used yet. That's what I'll do next ;).
    svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegames/klines/; revision=616115
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