Commit 31981acc authored by Frederik Schwarzer's avatar Frederik Schwarzer
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parent 85e7d0f7
......@@ -87,13 +87,13 @@ bool KMahjonggLayout::load(const QString &file) {
KConfig bgconfig(file, KConfig::SimpleConfig);
KConfigGroup group ="KMahjonggLayout");
d->authorproperties.insert(QStringLiteral("Name"), group.readEntry("Name"));// Returns translated data
d->authorproperties.insert(QStringLiteral("Name"), group.readEntry("Name")); // Returns translated data
d->authorproperties.insert(QStringLiteral("Author"), group.readEntry("Author"));
d->authorproperties.insert(QStringLiteral("Description"), group.readEntry("Description"));
d->authorproperties.insert(QStringLiteral("AuthorEmail"), group.readEntry("AuthorEmail"));
// Version control
const int bgversion = group.readEntry("VersionFormat",0);
const int bgversion = group.readEntry("VersionFormat", 0);
// Format is increased when we have incompatible changes, meaning that older clients
// are not able to use the remaining information safely
if (bgversion > kLayoutVersionFormat) {
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