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<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook V3.1-Based Variant V1.0//EN">
<book lang="en">
<title>The KMines Handbook</title>
......@@ -8,23 +9,18 @@
<date>Version 1.0.0, 19 June 1998</date>
<releaseinfo><!-- information about this particular version --></releaseinfo>
<para>This documentation was last updated for kmines version 1.0.0. Please make any comments and additions to the author.</para>
<para>Minesweeper</para><!-- Merge this with the previous paragraph; it comes from <META NAME="description" CONTENT="..."> --></abstract>
<chapter id="Introduction">
<para>KMines is the classical Minesweeper game. You must uncover all the empty cases
......@@ -86,4 +82,4 @@ mode: sgml
sgml-omittag: nil
sgml-shorttag: t
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