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CVS_SILENT made messages

svn path=/branches/KDE_2_1_BRANCH/kdegames/kmines/; revision=87925
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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ Name[is]=Sprengjuhreinsun
Name[it]=Campo minato
Name[ko]=지뢰 찾기
Name[lt]=Jūrinis minų traleris
Name[lt]=Minų traleris
......@@ -60,14 +60,14 @@ Comment[is]=kmines: Finndu sprengjurnar og gerðu þær óvirkar
Comment[it]=Sostituto KDE di xbombs
Comment[ko]=KDE용 지뢰찾기 놀이
Comment[lt]=KDE xbombs pakaitalas
Comment[lt]=xbombs KDE pakaitalas
Comment[lv]=KDE xbumbu aizstājējs
Comment[mk]=Чистење на минско поле
Comment[nl]=de KDE-vervanger van xbombs
Comment[no]=KDE-erstatning for xbombs
Comment[no_NY]=KDE-erstatning for xbombs
Comment[oc]=Lo substitut KDE per a xbombs
Comment[pl]=Wersja KDE popularnego sapera
Comment[pl]=Wersja KDE popularnego sapera (xbombs)
Comment[pt]=Um jogo muito popular
Comment[pt_BR]=Um jogo muito popular
Comment[ro]=Un joc "xbombs" pentru KDE
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