Commit f6a88fc1 authored by Bernhard Rosenkraenzer's avatar Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
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Fix compilation

svn path=/trunk/kdegames/kmines/; revision=43493
parent b6304653
......@@ -354,9 +354,9 @@ OptionDialog::OptionDialog(uint &caseSize, QWidget *parent)
: DialogBase(i18n("Game settings"), Ok|Cancel, Cancel, parent),
KIntNumInput *ni = new KIntNumInput(i18n("Case size"), MIN_CASE_SIZE, MAX_CASE_SIZE, 1,
caseSize, QString::null, 10, true,
KIntNumInput *ni = new KIntNumInput(0, caseSize, this, 10);
ni->setRange(MIN_CASE_SIZE, MAX_CASE_SIZE, 1, true);
ni->setLabel(i18n("Case size"));
connect(ni, SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)), SLOT(changed(int)));
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