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Add new "Waste" theme

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Differential Revision:
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Name=Cig Waste No. 2
Description=The cleaning of the Earth begins
Author=Gregor Mitsch, based on Oxygen Theme
KMines Waste Theme
Cigarette Icon
* Original
* No_Throwing_of_Cigarette_Butts_-_Bawal_Magtapon_ng_Upos_ng_Sigarilyo.svg
* Source:
* Author: Exec8
* License: CC BY-SA 4.0
* Changes:
* Everything removed, except the cigarette
* Add colors and rotate
Trash Icon
* user-trash.svgz
* Source: KDE Plasma Icons
Educational Background
Cigarette stumps are a major source of environmental pollution,
An easy solution is to not throw the stumps into nature and instead carry
them in a special case until a trash bin is available.
Another solution would be to avoid creating these stumps in the first place.
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