Commit 5e956931 authored by Pino Toscano's avatar Pino Toscano
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improve kmuddy.desktop

- remove Version key
- remove obsolete Encoding key
- remove obsolete %m placeholder from Exec key
- remove extension from Icon key
parent 98940ef6
[Desktop Entry] [Desktop Entry]
Name=KMuddy Name=KMuddy
Name[cs]=KMuddy Name[cs]=KMuddy
Name[de]=KMuddy Name[de]=KMuddy
...@@ -20,8 +18,8 @@ Name[sv]=Kmuddy ...@@ -20,8 +18,8 @@ Name[sv]=Kmuddy
Name[uk]=KMuddy Name[uk]=KMuddy
Name[x-test]=xxKMuddyxx Name[x-test]=xxKMuddyxx
Type=Application Type=Application
Exec=kmuddy -caption %c %i %m Exec=kmuddy -caption %c %i
Icon=kmuddy.png Icon=kmuddy
DocPath=kmuddy/index.html DocPath=kmuddy/index.html
GenericName=MUD client GenericName=MUD client
GenericName[de]=MUD-Dienstprogramm GenericName[de]=MUD-Dienstprogramm
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