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Use qt_* macro

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......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ ki18n_wrap_ui(knights_SRCS
kconfig_add_kcfg_files(knights_SRCS settings.kcfgc )
qt5_add_dbus_adaptor(knights_SRCS org.kde.Knights.xml externalcontrol.h Knights::ExternalControl)
qt_add_dbus_adaptor(knights_SRCS org.kde.Knights.xml externalcontrol.h Knights::ExternalControl)
ecm_qt_declare_logging_category(knights_SRCS HEADER knightsdebug.h IDENTIFIER LOG_KNIGHTS CATEGORY_NAME log_knights DESCRIPTION "knights" EXPORT KNIGHTS)
file(GLOB ICON_SRCS "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/../icons/*-apps-knights.png")
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