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Update some general documentation.

Remove the totally outdated and not maintained changelog file. Remove
information about already removed files and refactored code. Add link
to original download page using the Wayback Machine.
parent fd8060f4
2006-08-20 Will Entriken < DOTT net>
* changed to QPoint storage of coordinates
2005-02-18 Inge Wallin <>
* version.h (KONQUEST_VERSION): Bumped version number to 1.1
because of the upcoming release of KDE 3.4.
2004-08-22 Inge Wallin <>
* (nextTurn): Fixed a grammatical error.
0.99.4 --
Brought the KDE CVS tree in sync with my own. Changes from previous version
-- removed dependence on libg++ random integer classes
-- fixed a couple of problems with the game state machine.
0.0.4 --
Fixed (hopefully) a compiler error. would compile fine with
debug (-g), but not with the optimizer (-O2). Added a destructor
and things seem okay.
Added the distance measuring function of the original game. It appears as a
in the toolbar.
0.0.3 --
wasn't keeping a changelog prior to 0.0.4
Overview over the files in konquest
Overview over the files in Konquest
Game classes
gamecore.h Some general code FIXME: remove
gamelogic.h The game itself. No gui.
map.h The playing field - the universe
sector.h One square on the Map
......@@ -11,7 +10,6 @@ player.h Generic player
planet.h Info about a Planet
fleet.h Info about a Fleet.
Widgets & Views
mainwin.h The main window
......@@ -27,10 +25,8 @@ fleetdlg.h The summary dialog of the fleets
newgamedlg.h The dialog for creating new games
scoredlg.h The summary dialog at the end of the game.
---- The main program.
version.h FIXME: Use global KDE version?
images.h Declaration of all the images.
Konquest is a multi-player strategy game. The goal of
Konquest is a multi-player strategy game. The goal of
the game is to expand your interstellar empire across the
galaxy and, of course, crush your rivals in the process.
galaxy and, of course, crush your rivals in the process.
Please see the konquest help page for more information.
Please see the Konquest help page for more information.
The original game is Galactic Conquest by Rick Raddatz, which you can find here:
The link unfortunately does not work anymore, but the content has been archived
by the Internet Archive and can be fetched by using the Wayback Machine:
......@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ Structure and other code issues
* Remove gamecore.h
* Refactor the GameView
- Remove AI players from it done
- More signals/slots from gamelogic
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